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Rig Construction Jobs In Europe


Ene 26, 2023

Rig Construction Jobs In Europe

Dornan are a leading Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation contractor with projects in Ireland, Mainland Europe, the Nordics… Here you can search and apply for jobs at Skanska worldwide and learn more about us. We are one of the world’s largest project developers and contractors purposed at building for a better society. Construction jobs overseas have many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages you should know about. Keep in mind that finding a job overseas will probably mean you will have to leave your family in the home country. GPO Group established a strategic partnership with Dar Group in 2017, which connected us with an international first-rate professional network.

  • Public Sector Support the construction and operation of government properties.
  • Store all data on the construction project required by the legislator of the respective country to the desired extent in the app.
  • It is not only the United Kingdom that has been focusing on expanding the housing market for years.
  • In the position of construction technician, you can specialize in different areas during your training in most countries.

Achieve your construction project goals with the clear structure of all involved trades up to the control of the delivery of building materials. Store all data on the construction project required by the legislator of the respective country to the desired extent in the app.


The limited publication of job opportunities like those mentioned above make persistence a necessity for construction professionals. Unique construction jobs are difficult to come by but a worker that uses a diverse range of resources to land his dream job. An oft-overlooked resource for construction workers is past employers and colleagues that are familiar with specialised areas of construction in the region. In a similar vein to green construction, there are a number of architectural firms and contractors https://msnnewsworld.com/category/news/ work in the micro-home industry. Construction workers and project managers interested in micro-home work need to be flexible on job sites though this field has grown rapidly in recent years in Western Europe. Construction professionals of all experience levels need to think about their long term career goals when they look for the right employer. Construction jobs with commercial firms and manufacturers offer the greatest job security but may lack the daily challenges needed by creative professionals.

Mining Jobs In Europe

The wages paid in construction jobs in Spain are comparable to wages for construction jobs in Italy. With an average of 40,000 to 45,000 euros per month, construction project managers, construction managers, construction technicians and architects have particularly good wage prospects. However, with a minimum wage of just over 6 euros, the wage level in Spain is lower than in many other EU countries. Jobs with responsibility and an academic educational background are among the best paid construction careers in Europe.