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Bookkeeping for Truckers: Tips, Apps, Free Software Shoeboxed


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I can help you make smart decisions that will make your life easier and increase your profits in the long run. Don’t hesitate become The Trucker’s Bookkeeper today because they are depending on us. You can document trucking costs manually, but connecting your business accounts to accounting software is much easier. It can track and categorize your expenses automatically, though you may need to keep some supplemental records. At the end of the day, your most important concern is whether your trucking business is making money.

What is the most lucrative trucking business?

  • Ice road trucking.
  • Hazmat hauling.
  • Tanker hauling.
  • Oversized load hauling.
  • Luxury car hauling.
  • Team driving.
  • Owner-operator jobs.
  • Private fleets.

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One of them is to switch to quarterly HST, which will allow getting smaller amounts of HST refund four times a year instead of a large refund at the end of the year and reduce the chances of CRA audit. An experienced accountant knows how to deal with CRA and minimize the possibility of an audit. Our accountants will handle all communication with CRA on your behalf and provide all required documents and explanations. Payer refers to the person or company that pays the truck driver for their services. The payer can be the carrier or an intermediary between the driver and the carrier.

  • That’s right—all those little slips of paper you keep in your glovebox are important to your trucking business!
  • The more organized and thorough you can be in your receipt gathering, the better – whether you hire a business services provider or not.
  • Keep an eye on the money going in and out of your bank account to ensure you are getting paid what you’re owed.
  • Keep track of the money coming in and going out of your bank account to ensure you are paid what you’re entitled.
  • Depending on the size and demands of your company, you may be better off with basic software or with transportation management tools.

When a trip is entered as a dispatch, the route computes the miles per state, which is confirmed by your ELD. If you are losing money in some areas, you want to know that as soon as possible, and an accountant familiar with the truck driver’s business can help. Our company will prepare all accounting documents for you, showing how your business is doing now and compared with the previous year.

What is the best trucking accounting software?

Regardless of the system you use, make sure it’s secure and check it often. If you are looking for a reliable accounting firm with experience in the trucking business, you can contact Taxory. We have provided accounting services for years and serve numerous truck owner-operators, carriers, and payers. Pro-Ledger Online reports give you an accurate financial picture of your trucking business. For each truck or trailer know exactly where your money is going, your payables, receivables, net income, input taxes & more. After all, truck drivers must keep trip records in order to be paid for their work.

  • This package offers the time and money-saving benefits of tax preparation and monthly bookkeeping services.
  • Suppose you can’t provide substantial documentation for an audit, in that case, you may be required to pay additional taxes and penalty fees.
  • Our firm helps independent truckers and businesses maintain accurate exemption certificates and ease the headache of a sales and use tax audit.
  • This helps you improve your trucking company’s cash flow so that you will always be able to pay your drivers and other employees on time.
  • I can help you make smart decisions that will make your life easier and increase your profits in the long run.
  • This includes things like when you wash your truck at a coin-operated facility or need to record mileage for business use of your personal vehicle.
  • It equals $100 plus $22 for every 1,000 pounds over 55,000 pounds up to $550 and 75,000 pounds.

There are several potential pitfalls that new truckers bookkeeping servicees of trucking can face, from regulations and compliance to managing a fleet of vehicles. Additionally, it is important to maintain accurate records of your cash flow. Fortunately, several best practices can help bookkeeping for trucking. While both disciplines are important, accounting is typically handled by professionals, while bookkeeping can be done by anyone with a good head for numbers. This might involve creating financial statements, calculating taxes, or making budget projections. If bookkeeping isn’t your thing or if you’re just too busy to keep up with it, consider hiring a professional accountant to do it for you.

What is bookkeeping for truck drivers & trucking industry?

As the name suggests, a month-end close is the final moment to close out all of your accounts. It is also advisable to store physical copies of your records somewhere safe. You never know when you might experience a hard drive crash, lose your phone, or delete your data by accident. What does taking the garbage out and recording expenses have in common?

  • It’s times like those when you’ll be very glad that you put the effort into record keeping, annoying as it might be.
  • The IRS can ask you to provide supporting documentation anywhere from three to seven years after you file your taxes.
  • That’s why we provide several different packages, including Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise.
  • This cloud-based truck management software allows you to track fuel mileage, expenses, trips, and orders.

It’s an affordable option for small trucking companies needing to track cost per mile and understand which of their loads are the most profitable. Also, we believe that it has the simplest user interface among all the software listed here, making it a great option for trucking owners with no accounting background. Q7 is a full double-entry accounting system with built-in specialized trucking features, such as order and dispatch management, fleet management, and freight billing.

Understand Your Business Entity Type, Tax Classification

While on the road, it also has the ability to track your truck mileage and manage your cash flow. In our experience, QuickBooks™ is the most effective accounting software for truckers. An accounting solution is also essential for most small businesses, including trucking companies. If you link your trucking accounting software to your business bank account and credit card, it should track your every invoice and expense automatically. Accurate accounting services from our professional bookkeepers provide your CPA with the timely, organized data needed to do your taxes.

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A&J Bookworks here to help you -.

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Bookkeeping is one of the oldest processes of social society with almost every recorded form of human civilization having some type of number-based records. Bookkeeping is essentially the act of recording financial transactions in an organized manner. Turn your receipts into data and deductibles with our expense reports that include IRS-accepted receipt images.

Use an accounting system.

To determine the right fit for your company, you have to assess your budget and needs and know what particular features you require. All business owners must make quarterly estimated tax payments to cover their income and self-employment taxes, and truck drivers are no exception. You’ll incur penalties and interest if you don’t meet your federal and state liabilities. All three RumbleStrip service packages offer professional assistance in managing your business’s taxes. When you work with ATBS, monthly bookkeeping helps ensure your taxes are correct and you are maximizing your deductions. Make sure you researchany and all deductiblesyour owner operator trucking business could be eligible for.