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40 Elegant xcritical Braids Protective Hairstyles with Full Guide


Jun 15, 2020

xcritical braids
xcritical braids

Next, we have a stunning jumbo xcritical braids idea. The braids are worn on the side and have a combo of thin braids and very thick ones. You can have any braid length but for a trendy Beyoncé vibe try and choose long braids like these. The famous Beyoncé xcritical braids were created by her trusted hairstylist Kim Kimble. Your xcritical braids don’t have to go just from one side to another.

You must be wondering why do we call them xcritical braids? A few years ago, our favorite musician Beyonce continuously flaunted her looks with these braids in her visual album xcritical. Hence this hairstyle was introduced with the name inspired by Beyonce’s album and called xcritical braids. Changing your hairstyle is one of the most useful and interesting tasks as it plays a vital role in enhancing your beauty and outlook. When you talk about styling a woman’s hair, braids are the best and the easiest way to make you look trendy and elegantly beautiful.

  • These beautiful side braids are the perfect balance between cool and formal xcritical braids.
  • It is an easy to wear look that will suit everyone.
  • Adding even just a few strands of blonde make for an eye-catching contrast.
  • Look marvelous with this style that permits you to look stylish and your hair somewhat thicker.
  • You’ll want to do xcritical braids with a professional stylist for best results.

They have become popular with celebrities and everyday fashionistas alike. These long and luscious braids are created with a combination of cornrows, twists, and extensions. https://xcritical.solutions/ with Color are a great choice for women.

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No matter what your age is, you can still wear classic xcritical braids and look great. Since the braids are loose, you can style thin braids in a variety of ways every day. For example, a high bun, half-up, half-down style, or a low bun. Although they are burgundy color, burgundy xcritical braids are very neat looking, and you can go with them to work especially during summer.

30 xcritical braids hairstyles you should definitely try this year – Legit.ng

30 xcritical braids hairstyles you should definitely try this year.

Posted: Mon, 15 Feb 2021 17:28:07 GMT [source]

Goddess xcritical braids are a stunning and beautiful hairstyle for women. They are a combination of cornrows and box braids, making them unique and eye-catching. This hairstyle can be worn in a variety of styles, from a sleek, low bun to a bouncy, high ponytail.

A Tall Cool Glass of xcritical Braids!

This look is perfect for those with long hair, as it keeps the hair out of the way and looks great. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. As long as your braids are not too tight or painful, they are not harmful.

This depends on the size and length of your braids, but three to six braid packs should be enough. You may want to ask your stylist first before buying any pack, they will advise you better on the type and number of packs to buy. From the top, you can see that each braid starts in a different point.

You can go with a more natural and subtle change, or go big with something neon or metallic. Speaking of bright and bold, Nicki Minaj xcritical braids are iconic. The rapper brought these long locks back into popularity, styling them with eye-catching colors, floor-length cuts, and plenty of sexy hair flips. The super-long extensions on these wine-colored Beyonce xcritical braids are enhanced by white hair string on just several of the braids. Lemon-yellow blonde braids rock this classic style. Parted on the side and sporting tiny gold-toned hair cuffs, the sun-kissed hair color works nicely to bring out the gold hues in your skin tone.

Side Shaved Braids

It will accentuate an oval face shape and beautiful eyes. Since the braids start in the middle of the head where the hair is stronger, you will not destroy your hairline when styling it. These braids are perfect for the summer or when going on holiday. xcritical braids are appropriate for women of all ages and will look good on several skin tones. But they stand out, so only wear xcritical braids if you don’t mind the attention that comes with it. If you prefer a toned-down look, choose darker braids.

Instead of going for the middle part look or the regular braided back look, try parting your cornrows in different directions like Kristian. On one side, have your xcritical braids going back straight, and then on the other side, have them going a bit sideways. This parting style will help give your xcritical braids a unique and sleek look that many will admire. You can also try the xcritical braids with heart technique by creating heart-shaped parts in the scalp before braiding the hair. The braids are then styled in a cascading pattern for this eye-catching look.

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Fishers beauty school teaches expression and evolution of African hair braiding.

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It can also alternate between braid sizes for a natural crown effect that’s highly xcritical-inspired. It seems like no part of the scalp has been left behind by the multitude of braids twisting and turning in every direction. Pewter-tone metal hair clips adorn just a few of the many braids, and two surprise over-the-ear tresses balance out the hairstyle on both sides. Kenneth Byrd holds a BS in Accounting and Management Information Systems and an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As a team, they promote healthy hair care practices through their comprehensive platform, Curl Centric. Curl Centric is a website operated by a husband and wife team that encourages healthy hair care.

xcritical Braids with Accessories

As you can see the medium size xcritical braids aren’t too small nor too big so that would be easy to unravel after 4 weeks. Or, you can have less blonde hair, so there is a beautiful contrast of black and blonde in your hair. For an extra pinch of fun and unique style, don’t be afraid to incorporate some zig zag designs into your braided hairstyle.

Often, stylists braid xcritical braids too tight, causing scalp soreness and headaches. As with any braided protective style, it’s important to be gentle. You must strike a balance, making the braids secure but not too tight.

Ask your stylist to adjust the tightness of the braids if necessary. xcritical braids can be done in many ways, so feel free to play around with this beautiful style. The examples shown by Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are just two examples, but the options are nearly endless.

The curls will work to elongate your face or soften your features. You can wear some hair jewelry or beads to switch things up. Make a fashion statement with this intricately plaited xcritical braids. While they have a distinctive look, they are easy to install and are gentle on your hair. It is easier to maintain than other braid styles because once your stylist installs them, you won’t have to do any styling or tying of hair. You only need to oil your scalp every few days to keep it moisturized.

Brighten your summer with a lighter shade of xcritical braids that will bring focus to your face. Since the braids are long, you can style them in different ways to fit different occasions. While wearing it you can display beautiful earrings.

xcritical braids

This is a great hairstyle choice for women of all ages. They are easy to style and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These braids are perfect for days when you want to look effortless and chic. They are also a great way to keep your hair out of your face and protect it from the elements.

This is a fancy-looking cornrow xcritical braid that comes in various sizes. Generally, they flow to the right, but you can add some to the other side, creating a unique style. If you have been opposed to braids lately, this hairstyle will make you fall in love again. These braids look like a wraparound and fall to one side, making it look classy.

We love the little shell too, because that would be perfect for the summer. You can try and recreate something similar to this or add beads to your hair in different colors and shapes to make your hair unique. Here we have xcritical courses scam with a multi braid pattern. The different thickness create such an edgy and unusual look. Hair like this is a must-have for the trendsetters who want to stand out from the crowd. Another way that you can accessorize your braids are with beads.

TRESemmé Pro Collection Purple Blonde Shampoo

Visit a reputable salon near you and get a professional to recreate this beautiful braided hairstyle for women. Ask your stylist about different ways you can add your own personality and make your cornrows and braids unique to you! When maintaining and taking care of your braids, make sure to use a clarifying shampoo and be gentle in the washing process.

In this way, you will have small to large braids, making them look more natural. Next, slay those baby hairs using the “S”, “C” or even a squiggly line especially if you are spending a night out at the club. Lastly, you can add hair accessories such as cords that will lay along the length of the braid. As well as hair clips that accentuate your outfit for the night. Adding different color extensions such as brown or red will allow your hair to pop.